Omega Sirius Moon-Brooklyn’s “Queen of Collaboration”

April 7, 2017 by
OSM - photo by Matthew Narvin

OSM – photo by Matthew Narvin / courtesy of Omega Sirius Moon

Omega Sirius Moon (“OSM”) is a Bed-Sty-based multi-media artist quickly becoming known as the ‘Queen of Collaboration’. OSM, as she is referred to by most, partners with videographers, animators, and other creatives from around the city to develop projects that express the multifaceted and dynamic nature of her style (not to mention her aesthetic!).

Brooklyn is proving to be the ideal location for forming collaborations and enabling multi-talented artists like Omega Sirius Moon to thrive.

“Brooklyn is a place where you can unzip yourself and let your colors run all over the sidewalk, into the street, and all over the walls. There is no way to be here and not be transformed. No way to be here and not feel creatively liberated,” OSM recently said about the borough and how it shapes her music and art.

OSM -photo by Alba Navarro Hierro

OSM and guitar-photo by Alba Navarro Hierro / courtesy of Omega Sirius Moon

The gritty sounds of OSM’s last album, Rebels & Romantics, hints at heavy grunge and metal, but OSM grew up listening to a broad and eclectic collection of music, including a lot of jazz. “What most inspires my music and drive is the crazy idea that by bringing my art to the world I might be raising the vibration on the planet…even if only a little bit,” she said.

OSM went on to tell Brooklyn Roads that  “making music is only a ‘living’ because I’d die if I didn’t. It’s not a ‘living’ because . . . I’m making very little (money). My career as a visual artist is more lucrative. Music is different. It’s intrinsic and organic, like breathing. It’s something I’ve always done and something I must do. I’m grateful to be a vessel for the art form but, like Drake said, ‘The moment I stop having fun with it, I’ll be done with it.’”

Omega Sirius Moon offered a few possible explanations for the musical magic in Brooklyn. “Maybe Brooklyn falls on the energy center of some ancient golden grid that we share dimensions with. Or maybe a strange clan of artful aliens dropped a dopeness vortex on Brooklyn’s precise coordinates and this whole thing is some kind of weird experiment to see how highly developed our art forms can become….something is definitely up because the energy in BKLYN is so especially beautiful. Inspiration seems to ooze from the asphalt.”

OSM -photo by Suzanne Abramson

OSM in performance -photo by Suzanne Abramson / courtesy of Omega Sirius Moon

If it were up to her, she’d collaborate next with Salaam Remi, an American record producer who dabbles in just as many genres as she does. Until that happens, however, you can see this rising, eclectic star live at her favorite venue, Brooklyn Bowl. For a full listing of her many multi-media shows this summer, visit her website and keep an eye out for her new album to be dropped in the next year, which she promises will be a rocking new sound.