Ja Rule and Ashanti , Lil’ Mo and Lloyd Concert: A Success in Brooklyn

April 5, 2018 by
Ja Rule_Ashanti _crowd-0457

Kings Theatre JaRule and Ashanti Crowd /photo by Mark Doyle

Brooklyn natives started their 2018 Spring holiday weekend with a groundbreaking and innovative concert at the Kings Theatre. R&B songstress Ashanti and hip-hop rapper Ja Rule hit the stage with special guests, Lil’ Mo and Lloyd. The buzz was on about this sold-out concert for weeks on the radio and social media and since it was for one night only in Brooklyn, but people from all boroughs attended.

Lil' Mo_0339

Lil’ Mo at the Kings Theatre / photo by Mark Doyle

When the show began, Lil’ Mo grabbed the audience’s attention with her electrifying energy and stage presence. The “Godmother of R&B” amazed the crowd with her voice. In previous years, she was the go-to person when rappers needed a powerful female vocalist on their records. Lil’Mo sang the hooks on Ja’s songs “Put It On Me” and “I Cry,” Missy Elliott“Hot Boyz,” and Fabolous’ song, “Can’t Let You Go.”

Next up was Lloyd, an alluring and Southern vocalist whose voice sounded delicate and exquisite. His facial features and street swagger captivated fans and he sang his hits “Southside,” “You,” “Get it Shawty,” and “Tru.” He was open with the audience about his professional and personal challenges which revealed his vulnerable side.

Ja Rule_ Ashanti -0553

Ja Rule and Ashanti Ignite the Kings Theatre /photo by Mark Doyle

When Ja Rule and Ashanti stepped on stage as a duo, there were feelings of excitement and ebullience. Even though Ja and Ashanti have a brother/ sister relationship, it’s a different dynamic when they’re on stage. They are the picture-perfect,couple due to their musical chemistry while recording and performing live. When Ja performed his hardcore and aggressive lyrics, Ashanti smoothed it out with her angelic voice on records such as “Mesmerized,” or “Always on Time.” Ashanti also performed her solo hits including “Foolish,” “Only You,” “Baby,” “Happy,” and “The Way I Love You.” Meanwhile, Ja performed songs he collaborated with other artists.

The concert seemed like a Murder Inc. Records reunion, because Ja Rule, Ashanti and Lloyd were all on that record label at one point. From the late 1990’s to the mid 2000’s, the label released songs that most fans know by heart, word for word. Many audience members spent some of their childhood years listening to those records.

The performers expressed their love and support to the fans at the end of the night by thanking them for listening to their records over a decade later.