Exotic Tunes from Iris Lune

July 31, 2016 by

Iris Lune, a Brooklyn-based indie electronic alternative band, is gaining attention with their innovative synth folk sound. Iris Lune released their debut Iris Lune EP in 2015. The album was highly experimental in nature, with playfully synthesized mixtures of sounds, many of which were created from instruments made from everyday items such as Tupperware and rubber bands.

Iris Lune Tunnel-from Ella Joy Meir_07-25-16

Iris Lune/ photo by Shervin Lainez

Brooklyn Roads wondered what drives this quartet’s exploratory sound. Israeli-born lead singer and keyboardist, Ella Joy Meir, explained, “My musical upbringing was very diverse, from Israeli musicians such as Avishai Cohen to Joanna Newsom, Hiromi, Radiohead, Bjork and James Blake. Many times I go through musical phases, but the artists who really move me stick with me throughout the years. “

“Making music has always been what I love most, what makes me feel most whole. Anything else just feels peripheral to me,” she added.

This band is deeply rooted in Brooklyn’s Bed-Stuy/Bushwick community. Ella told us “We all live 10 minutes from each other, on the Bushwick/Bed-Stuy border, which is great because it’s so easy to meet and make music together. Brooklyn is an amazing melting pot with people from all over the world and from different backgrounds. It’s really inspiring to see all of these influences come together and create a community.ˮ Alongside Ella Joy Meir are: Asher Kurtz on the electric guitar and synths; Aaron Liao on the electric and synth bass; and Angelo Spampinato on percussion. Together, Iris Lune finds inspiration from within each other and from within their Brooklyn community.

The band practices a highly collaborative creative process and benefits from the musical diversity of each member. “There are four members in the band and each one of us comes from a different musical background. Bach, Aphex Twin, Lee Konitz, Prince, Stevie Wonder… All of these are musicians who we grew up loving and learning from. I think that one of our biggest strengths as a band is the mixture of all of these in our sound,” Ella said.

When Brooklyn Roads asked why Brooklyn gives birth to and nurtures so many talented artists, Ella and Asher explained, “For us, the interaction with people around us is what makes it such an incredible place to make music.”

Iris Lune’s inspiration from produces interesting musical experiences that are both melodic and sometimes otherworldly. “Brooklyn isn’t an easy place to live in, but if you work hard and give it your all, you’re bound to fall in love with it. That kind of struggle towards an actual goal creates growth on a personal level, which inspires creativity. Also, in a place with such a strong community of people with different backgrounds, it’s easy to learn and share with one another,” Ella and Asher elaborated.

Iris Lune performs throughout the New York City  metropolitan area. Ella and Asher shared  some of their favorite venues. “C’mon Everybody puts on a lot of great shows. We’ve had great times playing there and are looking forward to doing so again August 24. We also love Manhattan Inn. It’s a unique and wonderful space with an intimate vibe that has a big musical community, and it brings a lot of interesting people together. Another venue that does this is the newly opened National Sawdust in Williamsburg, which we are excited to be playing at for the first time on September 24th.”

This band takes live performances seriously. Ella explained why. “There’s something so powerful about experiencing a musician perform their own music on a stage. Something timeless and magical that allows you to be completely present, in the moment. I’ve always wanted to be able to move people in that way.”

Iris Lune art graphic by Diego Candia /courtesy of Dreambear

Iris Lune –Illustration by Diego Candia / courtesy of Dreambear Productions

Iris Lune’s love of performance shines through in their expressive and semi-theatrical music videos, as well. “Triplets,” a recent video produced by Dreambear Productions , captures the strength and passion of its live performance well.

With regards to being an artist in Brooklyn, Ella told us, “There’s a great music scene here and a lot of people who are hungry for good music.”

If you are one of those hungry Brooklynites, check out Iris Lune’s music live at one of their upcoming performances and head over to their website to experience their emotionally potent music videos and sound.