Evanescence-The Synthesis Album

December 5, 2017 by

When a successful band releases a new album, they have a chance to re-introduce themselves to their long-time fans and introduce themselves to new fans. Evanescence was founded in Arkansas in 1995 and released their first full length album, Fallen in 2003. Recently, they released their latest album, Synthesis.220px-Evanescence_-_Synthesis

Mostly an orchestral remix of songs from their previous albums, Synthesis also contains four new tracks: “Imperfection”, “Unraveling”, “The In-Between” and “Hi-Lo”. The rest of the songs are well known to Evanescence fans. “My Immortal”, “Bring Me To Life” (Fallen), “Lithium”, “Your Star” (The Open Door), “Lost in Paradise” and “End Of The Dream” (Evanescence) are some of the songs remixed for Synthesis.

The genius of this album is the mix of the new songs and the older songs remixed with the orchestra. Retaining their metal/rock roots, the band and their music have grown up. The orchestra represents not just a new level of maturity in their music, it also elevates the drama that is the backbone of the remixed songs that fans have known and loved for over a decade.

Amy Lee of Evanescence / photo by Justin Higuchi /courtesy of Wikipedia

Amy Lee / photo by Justin Higuchi /courtesy of Wikipedia

The orchestral music also backs up the exceptional vocal abilities of frontwoman Amy Lee , who currently resides in Brooklyn. Ms. Lee could easily sing operatic or classical music, but instead chooses a music that is not only more personal, but also grounded in the metal/rock genre that is the band’s signature style.

Some bands, unfortunately, do not stand the test of time. While they may have some success at the outset of their career, that success is not meant to last. Evanescence is not one of those bands. Combining the writing, playing and singing talents of Amy Lee with metal/rock roots and a orchestral background, Synthesis is an album that will last long after the members of Evanescence move onto other bands and other albums.