Celebrity Interviews! New Artist Profiles! Contests! Brooklyn Music Venue Picks! April 2010

April 6, 2010 by

What exactly is it about Brooklyn that intrigues the planet? Is it the water, the air, the bridge, the trees, the parks, the beaches, the boardwalk or the streets?  More likely it’s the steady stream and mix of a diverse citizenry who have added their talents, voices and dreams to everything else that Brooklyn was, is and will become. No one can really explain what has inspired artists over the centuries or why people of so many places around the globe have been taken with the Brooklyn mystique. Even those who left the borough long ago are Brooklynites still and so many have made an indelible mark on the world of music.

Now that Brooklyn has finally become “respectable” and a hot bed of musical creativity, we started this newsletter to give our readers a one stop music resource. We’re planning on having an interview in each issue with a group or individual who is from Brooklyn and has made a contribution to the art of music culture, while our “Artists on the Horizon” will give you a peek at some very talented, but as yet undiscovered Brooklyn musicians. “Back In The Day” will surprise you with a capsulated cornucopia of Brooklyn’s contributions to the world of music and “Brooklyn Voices” will contain an overview of Brooklyn music and events. If you’re truly in the Brooklyn know, you’ll also have a chance to test your knowledge.

This first issue starts out with a bit of a historical musical journey with Brooklyn’s number one music booster, Marty Markowitz, our energetic Borough President. Marty has given us a look into why and how he started his now legendary Brooklyn concerts. In future issues, we plan to explore the legacies of Brooklyn’s music luminaries, shining our spotlight on the best and brightest.

As our first newsletter goes out to virtual press, we’d like to invite you to participate in what is envisioned as a vibrant way of musically connecting all the moving parts of the greater Brooklyn community. We’ll look to you to let us know how we’re doing in our “Say What?” feature and by your participating in our contests and by supporting the musicians, venues and music organizations who call Brooklyn home.