Barbés Lounge Goers Admire The Michael Sheridan Quartet

August 2, 2016 by

On Sunday, July 24, 2016, Brooklynites were able to have Tequilas, Slivovitz, Pastis cocktails, or beer and also listen to an exquisite jazz group, The Michael Sheridan Quartet.

Michael Sheridan and his Quartet performed at Barbés, a bar and performance space in Park Slope, that hosts various types of events such as live music and readings. It was an opportunity for them to deliver a smooth performance for the Barbés patrons and they did.

Michael Sheridan_Ben Rosenblum -Barbes

Ben Rosenblum and Michael Sheridan at Barbés / photo by Paul Rondeau

Sheridan’s musical style is a mixture of traditional folk and classical music that originated in Europe and South America. He and his Quartet played two sets , performing a number of original songs including “Bonehead, “Spinner,” “Surfed Out,” “St. Mazie,” “Orixa,” “Post Vintage Nostalgia ” and “Raga Surf.” They ended their show with the song, “Oi,” a fresh and melodic tune, which seemed to be the audience’s favorite.

The ensemble featured bass player Kells Nollenberger, Ben Rosenblum on piano and accordion, as well as drummer and percussionist Ben Zweig. Based on their musical performances, each member is an active force in jazz and more than lived up to their musical resumes.

Michael Sheridan at Barbés

Michael Sheridan at Barbés / photo by Paul Rondeau

Music apparently took root in Sheridan, Nollenberger, Rosenblum, and Zweig at a young age and they have deepened their relationship with music by attending schools and playing at venues that highlight their love and fascination for music.

Outside of performing live at events, these musicians have given back to the community, by helping promote musical environments where younger musicians can compose and study music. Nollenberger is a private music educator and Rosenblum helped launch Columbia Jazz House, a student-run jazz advocacy program at Columbia University.

To learn more about Sheridan’s musical journey, purchase his album, Preludeor,  log on to his website at for more information. You can also follow Sheridan on Instagram, @MichaelSheridanMusic.