Afropunk Brings The Punk To Close Out Summer in Brooklyn !

September 14, 2016 by

Saul Williams at Afropunk Fest Brooklyn 2016 / photo by Kyra Kverno

Every year at Brooklyn’s Commodore Barry Park, Afropunk helps the summer season go out with a bang. Everyone was ready to celebrate good music and Brooklyn at this two day extravaganza featuring acts like Ceelo Green, TV on the Radio, Janelle Monae, Flying Lotus and Tyler the Creator. Since its’ debut in 2004, the festival had been free, but in 2015 the organizers decided to charge for tickets. Despite the admission price, its’ popularity seems to have increased. Now an international enterprise, Afropunk now travels to Atlanta, Paris and London. The festival makes good use of its growing budget, with free water and charging stations keeping attendees hydrated and connected in the heat. They also provided gaming fun like giant Connect Four and adult tricycle races. Beauty brand Carol’s Daughter, an Afropunk sponsor, was twisting wreaths of flowers into hair, offering tribal white face paint and handing out branded water bottles.


Afropunk Fest Brooklyn 2016 body marbling station / photo by Ray Fontaine

People from all over Brooklyn funneled in through the entrances and the line stretched down the block. A diverse display of costumes and Afros were out to play, including green, purple and pink hairdos. Complimentary entertainment filled the park, as “Friends of Afropunk” tents like the Art Hoe Collective and Bitchcraft offered interactive art projects to festival goers. Toyota’s education initiatives included a giant collaborative art wall full of balls with messages about music, car giveaways, body marbling station, vinyl mixing booths at the vinyl cityscape and fun giveaways like chain-stitched bandanas.

Afropunk Fest Brooklyn 2016 -Living Colour / photo by Kyra Kverno

Afropunk Fest Brooklyn 2016 -Living Colour / photo by Kyra Kverno

Qaasim and the Juggernaut War Party featured a classical standing base on the Green Stage in the early afternoon on Saturday. Lead guitarist and singer Qaasim Middleton sat and sang metaphorical lyrics like “I am a dragon breathing fire, I’m coming after you.” The music at times was eerie, poignant and dark, blending elements of heavy metal, gospel, and folk.


Afropunk Fest Brooklyn 2016-Kelsey Lu / photo by Kyra Kverno

Afropunk is not only a celebration of music, but also a cultural event that boosts up the Brooklyn brand and rocket launches new artists. If you decide to experience the next Afropunk for yourself and enjoy all the fun activities, be sure to get there early to beat the crowd. Be prepared for some serious heat and not just from the epic band performances!